Application Development

Often your business need something purpose built or off the shelf.
In this modern era of the Internet, websites and web applications are of increasing importance to companies, so we now offer website development using ‘PHP’,MYSQL, Python and all the relevant tools to create sites that appeal to their clients and the web public.
We understand that in order to provide software that works for your business We must first get to know you. We take the time to understand what is important to your business and most furthermore what added value you wish to provide your workforce and clients by implementing new software.

As a programmer:

We will interview you and your key members of staff making sure that we have a complete understanding of your business and processes before going any further.

We will submit a proposal for your approval. We will take you through each step of the proposal, providing a complete breakdown of costs and timescales.

Following the proposal mock-ups provide you with an example of the interface and structure that will sit behind your business logic, along with data that means something to you and gives you the chance to preview how your final software product will fit together before proceeding any further.

At this stage our clients are empowered to provide further feedback based on the mock-ups, and I incorporate this feedback in to your specification.

With the final specification agreed development then begins, working closely with a handful of key members of staff or yourself I release updates for your software in real time as they become available. We will also publish our internal list of to-do items providing you with real time updates as development of your software progresses.

With the final product ready We will then train you and your staff on site at your offices.

If required We will work with you to import data from any existing software and at this stage We will establish a “go live” date.

With your software up and running, your staff and clients satisfied, and sign off complete We will feel that this is just the beginning of our relationship with you. We listen to your feedback over the coming months and make sure that you are completely satisfied. After all, our business comes via referrals from clients with whom we have created and maintained a strong relationship with.

How much will it Cost?

After the above steps of consultation and project sketch up , we will provide a detailed quote which describe the work. Then the amount of hours needed and the schedule to complete the project… and the explanation.

We charge the competitive price of £20.99 per hour.

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